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Nora Lighting Expo Design
• Standard Track - Line & Low Votatge
• Mono-Rail - Line Voltage
• Mini-Rail - Low Voltage
• Mini Track - Low Voltage
• Metal Men Systems

Track Lighting can be used as task or accent lighting. It is the most versatile form of lighting available. It can be mounted just about anywhere, in many ways. Track can be cut or combined to achieve any length. Track lights can be added or removed.

While the images shown here are mostly commercial applications, Track Lighting is ideal for both home and business. Whether you are using it for the main light source or for accent lighting, such as wall grazing, there is no more flexible and cost effective way to achieve your goal.

All of the systems offered support directional lighting, as well as pendant lighting. And, as limitless as the choices seem in these pages, you can hang almost any pendant or light fixture on your system.

When designing your system, please remember that we are here to assist you. We even encourage minimalization to save unnecessary expense. We suggest this because you can always add to your system. Why buy more than you need?

Several types of Track are available. Top right is an example of Standard Track - CLICK to CHECK COMPATABILITY. This track can use Line Voltage and Low Voltage Directional Track Heads and Pendants. It is available in Single Circuit and 2-Circuit configurations. 2 Circuits allow for two independently controlled lighting systems on a single track. In the example, Low Voltage Track Heads on Extensions are being used.

At the left is an example of Low Voltage Miniature Track. A Transformer is required for this track and only Low Voltage Fixtures and Pendants can be used. As you can see, a very clean look is achieved due to the small size of the system components.

One of the more popular types of track around is Monorail Track. This type of track is flexible and can be bent to the desired shape. This track is available in Low Voltage and Line Voltage. Both can be had in Single Circuit and 2-Circuit configurations. The advantage of the Line Voltage Monorail is that there is virtually no limit to the number of lights on a system, as compared to Low Voltage Monorail which is limited by the size of the transformer used. To the right is an example of 2-Circuit Monorail shown with directional heads and pendants. Below left is a Low Voltage Monorail system. As with the Low Voltage Miniature Track, the connectors and components are small and aesthetically pleasing.

Now offered is an exciting and fun low voltage Cable Lighting System from Expo Design.

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on Track Lighting

3 - Contacts
100% Compatible with HALO'S Regular Single Circuit System.
Track Head Contacts Tip to Tip:    1"
Also a 3rd Contact for Grounding
Track Contacts Measure Across: 15/16"


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